Countess Veronika holding a stick for the Canne Klub Kamnik

Application & Equipment

Pricing and payment

  • Yearly membership fee: 5€
  • Monthly training fee: 35€

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All you need for your first training session is a comfortable set of sports clothes and a pair of indoor shoes. We will provide you with a stick.

As you progress in your training, you will need a fencing mask. We have a few spare ones you can rent. Ultimately, for comfort and hygiene, we advise you to find your own, as well as your own stick (we will help you find the right gear for you).

If you want to advance to a higher level, you will need to acquire a pair of Canne gloves, as well as a pair of shin pads (we will help you with this as well).

To attend competitions, you will be required to wear a Canne suite, a groin or breast protector, and a mask cover, as well as all the pieces of equipment mentioned above. We also have a few suites you can rent when needed.

HEMA training requires specific and variable gear, including weapons and protective equipment.
You will learn more about this as you progress in your training.

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