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Canne de defense (self defense with a stick)

Upon the ban on weapons within city grounds, the 19th century upper class Parisians were left with an obvious alternative when dueling and fighting on the streets: wielding their walking canes and thus finding new use of this fashion accessory. What started as simple fencing while using a cane instead of a sword, soon began to evolve into a fighting method more suitable to the change in weapons. Soon, cane masters emerged, building academies and offering lessons to people in large Western European cities, that were plagued by street gangs and hooligans at the turn of the 20th century. Throughout the years, each master developed a more or less original method of using the cane in a fight. The different fighting systems were preserved through either manuals or continuous use and now offer a ground to study a variety of methods of self defense, using a cane or other stick-like object.

Canne de combat (stick fighting)

Practicing self-defense methods with a cane proved highly beneficial and was used in training of different militant groups and even scouts. In the 70s, the defense techniques were altered and systematized as Canne de combat. The result is a dynamic competitive sport, attracting those who seek physically demanding and aesthetically pleasing workout, and those seeking a strategically rich combat opportunity. Canne de combat is a light contact sport, following a set of rules that ensure the safety of the fighters. Those Canne klub Kamnik members with a more competitive fighting spirit enjoy testing their skill in international competitions.

Double canne (double handed stick fighting)

A fighting method, using two single handed canes. The additional weapon provides numerous technical and tactical advances to single handed fighting. This fun and challenging technique can be practiced in friendly competitions.

Baton (staff)

Baton is a larger, heavier weapon compared to the cane. Due to its more dangerous nature, this two handed weapon is only used in very restricted fighting situations with more emphasis on style and  cooperation with your opponent.